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Property Clean Outs & Professional Demolition

Stand-To! Junk Removal and Demolition is a veteran owned and operated company driven by family values serving the greater Orlando Area. Below are a few of the tough jobs we've stood up against.

Junk Removal

Appliance Removal

Most cities and HOA communities have an army of code enforcement personnel waiting to ticket your home for unsightly debris hanging around. We know no one intends for all the junk to pile up, but once it does it can be hard to get rid of it. We stand ready to tackle your largest piles of debris. let us pick up the junk, organize your garage, or keep your rental property looking good.

Yard Clippings Removal

 Do you have yard debris that needs to be picked up? This might include Cut Tree Debris, Soil and Sand, Branch and Stump Pickup, or Leaf Pickup.

Old Furniture Removal

 Many donation centers have high standards for what can be donated. Chances are, you'll have to take what you want to get rid of to your local junk yard. We can haul away broken or old and unwanted furniture and we'll work Any number of stairs at no extra cost to you. However, Pianos and extra heavy furniture need special attention.

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Shed Demolition and Removal

So long as the exterior structure is stand-alone, one story, and there are no utilities running to it no permit is needed in Orange and Seminole County. We'll demo and remove a shed with a same day service.

Kitchen Bathroom Demo

 Many people believe the best way to save some cash on a renovation is by doing the demolition yourself. Not only can this be dangerous if you've never done it before but it can be expensive and ultimately time consuming gathering the tools necessary to conduct the demo and then hauling all the debris to the landfill. We work with General Contractors working large commercial jobs as well as offer residential renovation prep assistance. Let us be your junk removal company of choice!

Already finished a home renovation but have a ton of debris left behind? We offer post renovation cleanups and haul away.

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Commercial Clean outs

Office Furniture Cleanouts

 Large Appliances, Work Desks, Cubicles, Old or broken Printers and Computers can be cumbersome. If your company is moving and needs to get rid of a bunch of unwanted items we're a great option to get you out of a pinch.

Office End of Lease Cleanout

 You've moved what you care to move, the rest is junk. We'll take make sure it disappears.

Renovation Contractor, jobsite cleanup

  Just like a dumpster rental but better, you don't have to fill it! We'll haul away without the additional costs you can expect most companies to charge such as waste by the pound, rental fee, pickup fees, and fuel surcharges. 

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A big chunk of our services are geared toward rendering subcontracting work for Residential General Contractors. If you or your company are in search of a dependable subcontractor to work your demolition jobs, click on the button below to learn more and contact one or our representatives.
As a full service Junk Removal Company and A Demolition company in one, we offer a 15 yard Dump trailer rolled into our demolition price. Don't get charged a bunch of hidden fees such as rental fee, poundage, pickup, or fuel service charges! We are upfront with our pricing and operation throughout the whole process.

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A 15 Yard Dump Trailer has enough surface area for proper removal



Got Junk? Stand-To! Junk Removal and Demolition is a full service junk removal company that serves the greater Orlando area with integrity and fairness. We will pick up all your unwanted junk and haul it away without you having to lift a finger! From large estate clean out, to clearing out your storage unit, demolishing your Old Shed, to hot tub or hot tubs removal, we are your go to Junk Removal or Demolition service provider.

Our military background has instilled in us a desire to ensure every customer is treated with the utmost integrity from pricing to the quality of our service. That is why we give discounts for scrap metal pickups or metal shed demolitions. Not only do we help you save money with fair pricing, we work hard to ensure you are happy with the service we've provided with our "No Debris Left Behind Guarantee". This guarantee ensures your property looks better than you expected or you'll receive a free deep cleaning!

Whether you are working a DIY project and need a cost effective and time optimized approach to haul away your debris or you're looking for a professional service to get rid of office equipment Stand-To! is the Junk Removal Service for you. When compared to a standard dumpster rental that can be plenty of hard work, we make junk removal easy for anyone in our service area.

Don't take our word for it, we have received 5 star company reviews and come highly recommended by many homeowners and company's alike because of our great customer service. So if you're looking to make a good choice and want transparent pricing along with a free quote and a fully insured junk removal company let us Stand-To the occasion. We follow environmentally friendly practices and have a knowledge of how to handle most hazardous waste.

Veteran Owned

In the military, victory on the battlefield is won by the combatant with the greatest advantage. Such advantage is gained when the enemy is least aware; the time when they are going to sleep or just waking up.

In the army, Soldiers obtain a state of readiness at dusk and dawn, an action that has come to be known as Stand-To! Our veteran experience makes us ready to combat that junk sitting in your yard and that grime collecting on your driveway.

Serving Central Florida with quality Junk Removal and Demolition. Whether you like to talk over the phone or via text messages, a short conversation is all we'll need to get you a free estimate and booked for a service. We handle tough construction debris to a wide array of unwanted items such as old computer monitors, hot tubs, and yard waste. 

Junk Removal and Demolition that leaves your property clean with military precision. Here, We Stand-To!

Veteran owned and operated business
Residential Pressure Washing services provided by Stand-To! Junk Removal and Demolition. Full house wash for single story homes, Garage cleanout, and pool enclosures.

Don't Let it Get Out Of Hand

Stand-To! House Wash

Your house is your sanctuary. It's where your most cherished memories are made and where you can always find comfort. But it's easy for your home base to get bogged down with the grime and gunk that accumulates year after year. Keep your home as bright as the memories you cherish and be proud of your slice of the neighborhood with a pressure wash. Let's Stand-To that gunk.

What we Stand-To:

  • Commercial and Residential pressure wash

  • Driveway Clean up

  • Siding/Stucco pressure wash

  • Patio Area pressure wash

  • Pool Enclosure pressure wash

  • Awning wash

  • Roof Cleanup

Time To Tear It Down

Stand-To! Demolition

There's that old shed staring at you every time you step out into your backyard. You haven't stepped foot inside of it and goodness knows what has made it a home. It might be time to get rid of that hunk of old metal and wood taking up your precious real estate without paying rent. Let's Stand-To! demolish that old hunk.

What kind of demolition can we Stand-To? Glad you asked:

  • Shed demolition

  • Awning removal

  • Small to Medium size backyard enclosure demolition

  • Fence Line removal

  • Disaster Damage like fire or flood remediation and removal

  • Renovation Prep. to the studs demolition

    • Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living Areas

Wooden Shed Demolition and Removal
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