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New Year, New You Garage Cleanout Special Provided by Central Florida's Best Professional Garage Cleaners

Organize, Junk Haul Away, Pressure Wash 

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Stand-To! Junk Removal and Demolition is the better option for professional garage cleaning and has been helping families in the Central Florida area keep their properties clean for quite some time now. What makes us the best professional garage cleaning service? 

  • We have a 15 yard dump trailer that has the capacity to handle the biggest hunks of junk sitting in any size garage
  • Our Team has helped organize tons of garages so we know what homeowners like and respect cherished items
  • Our "No Debris Left Behind" Guarantee ensures we'll leave your garage spotless or you'll get a free deep cleaning! 

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It's a New Year. Don't let 2022's junk sit in your garage any longer.

Now 10% off

What Do The best Garage Cleaning Services Include?

  1. Organize Entire Garage- Sit back and relax. If you have storage boxes we'll organize and label them for you and set them up in a logical way so as to make your life easier when it comes time to look for things. 
  2. Junk Haul Away-  We'll bag up trash with our complementary contractor grade trash bags and will place all your unwanted junk in our truck. Don't worry about what it is, we can haul away almost anything. The only thing we can't legally haul away is any hazardous materials (that requires a special license).
  3. Pressure Wash- First we'll blow away any dust and remove any items that can be damaged with water to prepare the floor area. Then you'll get your garage cleaned from the garage door to every corner to ensure a job done well. 


Additional Services:

  • Storage and Labeling- If you don't have storage boxes or labels, we'll provide them for you. Price varies on the kind of boxes you'd like.
  • Painting- We have a network of service providers who have been carefully vetted for quality. If you have been thinking about painting your garage floor or walls we can make sure you get the best service in town. 
  • Drywall and Vertical Storage installation- One of the best ways to clear up valuable real estate in your garage is by installing vertical storage space. This can come in the form of shelving units, hooks and hangers, or ceiling cage units. Tell us your desired budget and we can have a solution ready for you in no time. 

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Tell us more about your garage cleaning needs and how we can best accommodate things for you. With your address and zipcode along with your garage size we can come up with a free estimate to leave you with a clean garage. 

This is truly the best way to get your garage cleaned. Knock off one more thing off your new years resolution!
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