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Exterior Structure, Remodel Prep, and Property Damage Remediation
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5-Star Service Guarantee

Our ties to the military have instilled values which carried over to our civilian lives. We guarantee:

  • To be on time and keep you updated on our location at all times.
  • Ethical Quoting and charging. We never charge more than we quote.
  • No Debris Left Behind: We're surgical with our demolition and leave the area clean when we are done or its free.

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5 Star Guarantee
Veteran owned and operated business

Veteran Owned and Operated

In the military, victory on the battlefield is won by the combatant with the greatest advantage. Such advantage is gained when the enemy is least aware; the time when they are going to sleep or just waking up.

In the army, Soldiers obtain a state of readiness at dusk and dawn, an action that has come to be known as Stand-To! Our veteran experience makes us ready to combat that junk sitting in your yard and that grime collecting on your driveway.

Serving Central Florida with quality Junk Removal and Demolition. Whether you like to talk over the phone or via text messages, a short conversation is all we'll need to get you a free estimate and booked for a service. We handle tough construction debris to a wide array of unwanted items such as old computer monitors, hot tubs, and yard waste. 

Junk Removal and Demolition that leaves your property clean with military precision. Here, We Stand-To!

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