Precision Demolition and Debris Haul Away

Starting at $250
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Before Stand-To! Junk Removal And Demolition conducted awning demolition
After Stand-To! Junk Removal And Demolition conducted awning demolition

It might be that old shed staring at you every time you step out into your backyard. You haven't stepped foot inside of it and goodness knows what has made it a home. 

Or it might be some damaged part of your home, we can get rid of that hunk of old metal and wood taking up your precious real estate rent free.

Let's Stand-To! that old hunk.


​What kind of demolition can we Stand-To? Glad you asked:

  • ​ Sheds
  • Awnings
  • Small to Medium size backyard enclosures
  • Fence Line
  • Disaster Damage like fire or flood

Renovation Prep. to the studs

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Living Areas


​ Pricing is built from Labor, equipment cost, and debris removal.


*Special pricing available to commercial clients who sign a service agreement. An estimate can be given over the phone after a short discussion of what is needed and a review of photos but no hard pricing can be given until a free on-site review is done.

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