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Spruce Up Your Backyard With a Shed Demo and Removal

Have you purchased a new home or are you sick of the same tired condition of your old yard and garden. Do you want your home to look like it came straight out of an episode of an HGTV show? There are plenty of things you can do to get your property up to that level and give it a well needed facelift. Just as there are a hundred a one things you can do, so too are there a hundred and one ways you can drive up the costs to a price that might make your eyes roll back.

You might feel like you need to scour the internet for out-of-the-box ideas and you could invest a bunch of money to have a TV-ready property complete with a new garden sprawling with beautiful flowers, a killer pool, and a pergola that costs a fortune but the fact of the matter is you don't need any of that. You don't necessarily need to get anything extra and you can save a ton of money and spruce up your backyard area without the need to add anything to it. Especially if you have an old shed taking up valuable real estate. All you have to do is demolish that old shed, haul away that old hunk of metal or old rotting wood, and clean up any junk or nastiness that's been hiding away behind or under the thing.

Shed Demolition and Removal DIY

Now, you can go ahead and attempt to demolish the shed yourself but there are a few things to consider if you do. First, you're going to need specialized tools such as a sawzaw, pry bars, and wheelbarrows to haul the material away. All of that can be costly if you plan to rent and risky if you've never used the aforementioned tools before. In addition, take your time before starting and watch as much how-to youtube videos as you can prior to starting. This step will allow you to waste much less time, approach the job with as much skills to allow you to do the task safely, avoid injury, and have the area left behind looking as if a group of professionals had just done the shed removal services for you.

Beginning the process of shed Demolition and Removal

The Process

To start you off on the right foot, the first thing you have to consider before starting to tear down your shed is what kind of shed is it? Is it an all-metal shed or a primarily wood shed?

If Its a Metal Shed, Here Is The Process For Removal:

  1. 1. From the outside, make cuts along the top edge of the shed where the side walls connect with the roof. Cut all along the edges of the shed roof. The shed roof should fall on its own but if it doesn't, there may be a stray piece of metal holding it all up. Find that piece and remove it. Once you remove it, the shed roof should fall, leaving the side walls erect with the roof sitting in the middle.
  2. Cut the shed side walls to a manageable size small enough for hauling.

  3. Cut the shed roof to a manageable size small enough for hauling.

  4. If the shed has a wooden foundation, use the prybar to pull away the planks and prepare for hauling.

  5. Pick up any clippings left behind.

  6. Secure the junk you've collected from your shed demo in the back of your truck or trailer with a tie-down. The materials used for a shed can be relatively light on their own and pose the threat of blowing away on the highway.

  7. Drive to your local landfill site or whatever facility serves as your city's trash disposal site. Cost depend on your city or county and in some places, they won't let you dump unless you have proof of residency.

Wooden Sheds have a similar process:

  1. Determine if there are wooden panels inside. If so, start by tearing away the wooden panels inside. Then, begin tearing away the panels on the shed outside walls. After removal, you'll likely have to cut the panels into smaller pieces for disposal.

  2. Now that the shed structure is left down to the studs you might be able to bring the shed down by simply pushing or pulling it.

  3. Once the shed roof is on the ground, begin removing shingles if there are any, then begin tearing away the wooden paneling of the shed roof.

  4. At this point, you'll need to cut all shed debris into manageable pieces for disposal.

What Professional Shed Removal Services Can Do For You

In almost every case, your standard pickup truck will not suffice for the job of disposing of all the junk your shed left behind. You may be better off going to your nearest Uhaul location and schedule a trailer or truck rental to be able to knock it all out in one trip. This can come with a lofty price tag.

15 Yard Dump Trailer with enough capacity to haul away shed demolition debris

Also, it can take up to two days to get rid of old sheds. To this end, we offer our professional demolition services. We are a veteran-owned and operated Junk Removal and Demolition company that is licensed and most importantly insured for demolishing and removing sheds in a bad condition. Lastly, our company operates a "No Debris Left Behind Guarantee" that ensures your area is left looking great or you get your money back.

How do we ensure your shed space is looking great and clean? We typically roll in a small bit of landscaping of the areas surrounding the shed and if there was a concrete slab foundation underneath the shed, we'll go ahead and pressure wash it for free.

Pressure Washing Concrete Slab Foundation after Shed Demo and Removal

Give us a call to discuss your needs regarding your shed and we'll give you an estimate. Once you are satisfied with your quote or estimate, we can make it out to service you within 24 hours. In many cases, people find that our removal services are the same price if not cheaper than if they went ahead and rented all the equipment, a trailer, and paid for the gas and disposal of all the junk on their own.

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